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Restored Heart and Soul

by Dave Bielecki

Hank Johnson is a bitter man. After losing his wife, Anne, to a long illness, he loses his faith. He becomes a creature of routine, spending his days visiting his wife’s grave site and hanging out with the “baker’s dozen,” a group of guys who gather at the local diner for breakfast and car talk. When Hank receives news from his estranged daughter that he is about to become “Grandpa Hank,” his best friend, Joe, talks him into selling his house in Bakersfield and heading back east. After Hank sets out on a cross-country odyssey in the old Dodge “hippie van” parked in his garage for years, he discovers that there’s more to traveling than following a double yellow line. Restored Heart & Soul is a heartwarming adventure of a broken old man in a broken old van, restored with God’s help and some unexpected kind hearts along the way.

Your Group Home Business

by Michelle Pace and Mitchell Spencer.

Authors Michelle Pace and Mitchell Spencer have been successfully operating group homes in the Houston area for 30 years. In this first-of-its-kind manual, the authors share their wealth of experience in this simple, how-to guide rich with advice traditionally passed on only by word-of-mouth. Their desire to provide care for others combined with persistent marketing and a common sense approach provide a unique business model that makes this a must-read for anyone thinking about starting up a group home or wanting to improve their current group home business.

Clean Up Your Life!

By Wendy LaDue

No one wants to get sick! Yet, in the past few decades, the landscape of our world has radically changed with chronic and unexplained illnesses on the rise. After getting ill from exposure to chemicals at work and home, Wendy LaDue made it her life’s mission to investigate and inform others about the hidden toxins in our daily lives, including our homes, foods, cleaning supplies, clothing, cars, and even our yards. Clean Up Your Life! is a handy, easy-to-read guide that will help you minimize your everyday exposure to the hidden toxins in your household that can harm you, your family, and your pets.

Why Your Customers Go Somewhere Else

by Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson–of Car People Marketing, Inc.–produces a common sense approach to “WOWing” your car dealership service customers; and, he shows how this investment is linked to the health of new and used car sales and to the overall bottom line of the dealership.

Zen Track Rambling

by Jim Schroeder

Zen Track Rambling is a unique book of free verse running poetry penned by ultra-marathoner Jim Schroeder. Jim’s poetry, which portrays his running journeys, acts as therapy to cope with injury and get back to running the trails!

Twixt 6 & 90: Planes, Dames, and Brushes with Fame

By Stanley Hannon with Wendy Scheuring.

A first-hand account of a country boy turned pilot and the experiences and people he encountered along a storied path. A WWII Navy pilot, Stanley Hannon tells of his training and entry into the Pacific theater, from Guadalcanal to setting foot on Japanese soil. Along his life’s journey, he has personal stories of George H. W. Bush, Adm. “Bull” Halsey, and even Sam Walton, among others–hilarious, frightening, sad, but very human and very real.

Drenoveni: The Life and Demise of a Macedonian Village

by Larry Koroloff

A lifelong quest to study the history, culture, language, music, traditions, and customs of the peoples of Drenoveni in Aegean Macedonia led Mr. Larry Koroloff to commit decades of personal interviews, thorough research, and onsite visits to the now ghost village of Drenoveni. The only book of its kind, Mr. Koroloff’s documented research is the last remnant of a village long gone, and the only comprehensive record of this village’s tumultuous history. (Privately published)

Divorcing The System

By Alan Frisher with Wendy Scheuring

Divorcing The System is the gripping story of how one man’s unforeseen, acrimonious divorce later led him on a march to Tallahassee to fight for all Floridians’ rights, from working with lobbyists, to canvassing legislators, and even dealing with the Florida Bar. A must-read for any person who wants a behind-the-scenes tour into the history and future of alimony reform in Florida.


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