Darren Conrad, CCO, Executive Vice President

Retail Service Systems, Inc., Author of The Rugged Road Trip

Wendy is an amazing ghost writer. She was very professional, personable and a pleasure to work with. In the process of writing my first book Wendy guided me through my story and made the book magical. Thank you, Wendy, for helping me make a lifetime goal accomplished. I have already received so many reviews and compliments on how well the book was written. God has put so many great people in my life, including Wendy Scheuring. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who asks.

Elizabeth, Upton, Author

A special heartfelt THANKS to Wendy Scheuring, my wonderful editor who is helping with my book The Healing Swords of Love and Innocence, to be re-released before end of 2022.

Tanya S.

Testimonial of 40-Day Countdown to Launch: Promote Your Book Organically by Tanya S.

Robert Cress, Author of Hey, Is That Your Bike?

I was contemplating the idea of hiring an editor but was concerned the book I had written would not be “mine” after it was edited. I decided to throw caution to the wind and hired Wendy. The results were astounding! She was able to make recommendations that allowed me to add important information for the reader while making certain other changes which improved readability and structure without losing the character of the book. Her ability to take my book to a new better level made it absolutely the right decision. Thank you, Wendy, for your expertise in editing!

Dr. Haig John

It is great to get started with your book today. I’m on day 1. Inspiration came last night when I got the book and began to read it. I wrote the chapter titles and notes within each section. If feels great to get started.

Deborah Waite, Givitago Bookkeeping and Tax Solutions, LLC

Wendy is a true writing professional who knows writing and how it should, and can, be done. Whether she is writing for you, or helping you to clear your head and get your thoughts on paper, you couldn't select a better person to help you. Writing should be rewarding, not hard. She will show you how to do it.

Cheri Martin, So Social Visionary, LLC

Wendy is very active and engaged in her community. She loves to get conversations flowing by asking the community questions. She is an expert writer, continually honing her skills. She is not only passionate about writing, but also in teaching writing to others.

Kim Dickerson, Viera Social Media, LLC

Wendy is an amazing writer who has helped my business through blogging. She is very collaborative and takes the time to really understand your message and story. Her book is also amazing, and I would recommend her services to anyone.

M. Rose Peluso, Author of Behind the Tapestry and Winner of "Promote Your Book's Author of the Year 2021

Wendy, has been trying to help me promote my memoir, Behind the Tapestry: My Discovery of God's Grace Amidst Chronic Pain and Loss." She has offered some excellent suggestions and I greatly appreciate her help.

Kate Antwi, KOA Resources

Wendy is great at what she does, give her a call and thank me later!

Kat Gottlieb, Artist and Author 

Wendy has an exceptional ability to interpret your writing intentions and provide expert feedback.

Miriam Spencer, Holistic Cellular Health Coach

Wendy Scheuring is an experienced writer, editor and teacher...but more than that, she is unique in her approach to writing. I've taken several writing courses in the past but NONE of them taught me the two most important steps...developing the habit of writing and the ability to extract that personal story that lies within each of us. Wendy is adamant about developing the right mindset to writing and stresses that we need to have a willingness to learn. She also taught me the importance of writing daily. Developing the habit of a daily writing routine is essential to every writer or the book just doesn't get done. What I most appreciate is her wisdom. Yes. She's very knowledgeable and skilled, but it's her wisdom in teaching writing is what sets her apart. She guided me through the process without telling me "how" to write my book but instead, how to bring out my story that has been lying in my head and heart for years. Thank you, Wendy!

Miriam Spencer

Write a Book by Wendy Scheuring from Miriam Spencer on Vimeo.

Chad Davis

I had the pleasure to speak with Wendi about two book ideas I have had for several years. Not having written a book before, I had no idea where to start, what to do and what was the best approach to achieve this goal. Wendi was kind enough to spend some time with me and to help me create a path forward. She speaks and instructs with such ease, that it is obvious she is an authority on the subject and has a deep passion for writing. I look forward to working with Wendy to make my book ideas become reality.

Justin Scott

Very intelligent woman and able to keep you engaged about the aspects of a story and where a story is headed toward.

Head of Vision at New York Avenue

Joshua Hays

Wendy was fantastic to work with! She was able to very successfully craft an engaging story from a variety of different elements that we provided. I thoroughly enjoyed the process while working with her and appreciated her attention to detail. Today, the book she helped to write has been distributed to thousands of people... all of whom loved the read.

Dr. Anna Tanasugarn

Wendy offered me a consultation for a book I am writing. She was very thorough, patient, answered all of my questions, and was professional in her suggestions and recommendations. I am grateful for connecting with Wendy and have plans on checking out her course! Thank you again for your guidance.


T. Jaye

Thank you so much, Wendy, for your help and support. Per your insightful suggestions, I made quite a few changes to both stories. You really inspired me to dig deeper and change some of my writing style within the stories. Your suggestions were absolutely correct. The changes were spot on and worked much better for my readers. I highly recommend your services as a mentor and editor--- couldn't have done it without you!

Writer & Editor

Mary Brotherton

I met Wendy when we were both working at Bluewater Creative Group. She was a freelance writer and I was the managing editor. Wendy was always responsive and timely. She met deadlines without the customary excuses I'd heard from other writers. On time, on budget, on point. Because she is also an editor, she knows the value of clear, concise writing. I'd recommend Wendy for anything related to writing.

Program Manager

Steve Testa

Wendy has crafted great messages for my personal music web site as well as the company that I work for in the local area. She has a real talent for creating write-ups that make you want to read more about the artist or company. Her writing technique turned my simple web page biography into a work of art.


Russ Hamilton

I am enjoying working with Wendy as I ready my novel for publication. Her advice and insights are extremely helpful to me, and her support is unwavering.

Farmer and CEO

George Mylonakis

Wendy was hired by our software company to write a technical white paper in a subject matter with which she was not initially familiar. Through her own research, and some guidance from us, she was able to quickly master the material and apply this knowledge towards the completion of the white paper. Wendy was a joy to work with, the revision process was smooth and professional, and the end product was exactly what we had been looking for. We hope to work with Wendy again, and we highly recommend her work!

Partner at GuidePoint Media

Jason Gumpert

Wendy has provided news coverage for me at several business events and has shown her professionalism and experience at all times. She took on challenging, niche topics by doing research, performing interviews, and doing the needed reporting to produce quality articles.

Twixt 6 & 90: Planes, Dames, and Brushes with Fame

by Stanley Hannon

While preparing to write my life’s happenings, my hands began to tremor. Writer-less, I obtained the services of a caring friend and neighbor – WENDY! As my memories fell from my lips, her nimble fingers transferred them to a written page. These 84 yrs are true and in an entertaining mode, beautifully presented to the reader.

Drenoveni: The Life and Demise of a Macedonian Village

by Larry Koroloff

When I finished my first (and only) book, I had no clue how to get it ready to be printed. Fortunately, someone referred Wendy. She did a super job editing. She not only corrected typos I had missed — she rephrased certain sections that were too “wordy.” She did not hesitate to call me to discuss various aspects of each chapter. Put succinctly, she did a fantastic job! Thank you, Wendi!

Strategic Leadership

by Justin Thompson

I hired Wendy to provide editing services for my book, "Strategic Leadership," prior to publication. She performed a remarkable service correcting grammar and providing suggestions on how to improve wording to enhance clarity. If you need editing, writing, or creative consulting services for any publications you are doing, Wendy is an excellent provider that I would highly recommend. I have another book in the works and plan on using her editing services again when I get to that point.

Restored Heart & Soul

by Dave Bielecki

When I decided to write my first book, and needed help, I found Wendy through an online search. After our first discussion about my manuscript and idea for the book, I knew right away that she would be a perfect partner for my project. During the re-write of my book, the communication could not have been better, and I am very satisfied with the end result: Restored Heart & Soul is out now- thanks to Wendy!

Clean Up Your Life!

by Wendy LaDue

I would highly recommend Wendy! I was looking for someone holistic to write my book and not only was Wendy holistic but she was a researcher like myself. Her knowledge and many years of experience made her the perfect for being my ghostwriter and editor. Wendy went above and beyond for me and I feel blessed and truly grateful to have had her on board for my very first book!

Divorcing the System

by Alan Frisher

Wendy is a patient, skilled, ghostwriter. She assisted me with organizing and writing my book, Divorcing the System. She is really a one stop shop in every aspect of book writing. She helped me produce a print-ready manuscript, an artist for the book cover, and she even helped me find a publisher. Wendy helped make the process of writing a book much easier than I thought possible. I would highly recommend using Wendy's skills and ability when writing your story.

Why Your Customers Go Somewhere Else

by Randy Johnson

Working with Wendy was a pleasure! For years I’ve composed hundreds of articles, tips, thoughts, and ideas – they helped make my dream of compiling all of it into a great book a reality. Wendy was extremely thorough and quick to provide constructive criticism where necessary. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of experts to put it all together – thanks!