Want to learn how to write a book? Here's a unique writing program and support system that help you learn the basics of writing a book in 21 days!

Get inspired, get motivated, get creative, get focused, get rid of writer's block for good!

write a book in 21 days: by discovering the story within by The Author's Writer (2021) is a unique 21-day writing program designed to teach you how to write a book. * 

This 21-day program includes an 80-page textbook and a 100-page Workbook packed with 50 years of WRITING EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE gained as a professional writer and also as a teacher of writing at the college level and in the community. 

The purpose of this unique 21-day writing program is to help you write regularly so you can stay on track and finish your book. Learn how to get focused, get creative, get inspired, get motivated. Learn how to manage your time and watch your writing grow. When you write every day for at least 15 minutes a day, the effect is cumulative writing with exponential results! Sound too simple? Well, not everything in life has to be so hard. You just need discipline, patience, and perseverance.

This is the perfect program for anybody who wants to learn how to write a book, regardless of what genre you are writing. This is because the underlying foundation for writing any type of book is the same! Makes the perfect gift for the writer in your life!

As a member of the program, you are invited to join a helpful writer's support group where you'll get and give feedback along your writing journey. You'll also have access to your own personal writing mentor! Stay in the group for as long as you like!

write a book in 21 days: by discovering the story within is a unique 21-day writing program, copyrighted and privately published and available only through The Author's Writer.

©2021 The Author's Writer write a book in 21 days: by discovering the story within (*Results vary depending upon level of participation and effort.)

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How do you write a book? Do you first write an outline? Then, fill in the gaps with words?

Developing an outline before you actually begin writing your book might seem like a logical approach. That's what most of us have been taught in school. Yet, writing a book involves doing quite the opposite. You start writing first!

Once you begin writing each and every day, you will soon begin to see firsthand how the words flow from the tip of your pen onto the page, leading you on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery, and opening up your story to many possibilities.

And, while it is true that writers need to set aside time each and every day to write their books, they also need to achieve clarity, focus, and vision all the more so. The foundation of this program is to solidify a writing habit based upon writing for at least 15 minutes per day for 21 consecutive days.

In just 21 days, you can free your mind, heart, and soul through the act of writing, while discovering the amazing story that lies within you...and perhaps even more.

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80-page textbook and 100-page workbook. ONLY $49. ~~A $149 value


Be a part of an active writing community. Have access to a writing mentor! ~~A $500 value.


Weekly videos sent to your email address during the 21-day program to keep you motivated!


For30 days, you have access to your own private writing coach! ~~A $500 value.

Ready to Sell Your Book? You'll Want to Launch the 40-Day Countdown Sequence Before Your Book's Release

40-Day Countdown to Launch: Promote Your Book Organically   

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Investing in this book should fit into your marketing budget. After all, you and your book are worth it, right? BEFORE you release your book is the best time to start promoting it. This book provides you with a 40-day countdown with plenty of things to do to get ready for the big event: your book release.

Have you already released your book and you are not getting the sales that you would like to? Then, this book can also help you. 

You will also receive bonus material at the back of the book, including book trailers, press releases, nontraditional ways of selling, and establishing an author career.

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