40-Day Launch to Countdown: Promote Your Book Organically

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Why did I write this book?
Over the years, I have spoken with many authors who have a message to share but it’s not getting out there the way they would like it to. So, I wrote a book called “40-Day Countdown to Launch: Promote Your Book Organically.”
This book is not just about how to sell books, it’s about how to promote your message. It’s also about discovering and getting very clear on what that message is so that you can share it with others. When you write from the heart, you reach other hearts. Book sales in a sense have nothing to do with sales and everything to do with your message.
So, have you discovered, mined, and refined your message? If so, how are you broadcasting that message? Before you broadcast, you must develop an author infrastructure. It’s not just about finishing the book and publishing online. An author infrastructure will provide your readers with a place and space to go to learn more about your message, not only about you, the author.
People buy books because they want to read a story (fictional or nonfictional) that resonates with them. It strikes a chord. It hits a nerve. It’s about your message, and about how you, the author, chooses to let that message play out.
It’s not about awards you achieved (which is great); it’s not about if you have written a bestseller or not; it’s not about how good of a writer you are. It always comes back to your message! Your message will promote your book! Find out how!
Privately published by The Author’s Writer.  80 pages. Paperback. $27.

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