A ghostwriter can help you achieve your dream of writing a book! An editor makes your work better!

Did you know that many of the books you see on the shelves in bookstores as well as in online bookstores are ghostwritten? Both nonfiction and fiction authors often enlist the help of a ghostwriter. Why? Because they are busy doing the things that they love. And that is okay! It's not an easy undertaking to write a book. It takes an experienced writer, who has honed the skill of book-writing, to write a book.  A ghostwriter can write a book for you while you're running your business or living your life, and doing the things that are most important to you.

Who is The Author's Writer and what is a ghostwriter?

My name is Wendy S., The Author's Writer. I am a professional ghostwriter, and an editor, a writer who knows how to interview you to "get your story." I have worked as a journalist for the past 20 years and know how to ask you the right questions, so I can learn more about you and your subject matter or story. I am a good listener, and I am also empathetic. I will let you do the talking to learn about you and your story, so I can write the book in your voice and your style.

If you want to find me, you'll know where to look. I'll be writing! I also have a creative mind. I can see parts of your story that you may not see yourself because you are so close to it. I can provide you with another angle or alternative point of view. 

I am also a visionary. I will "see" the overall framework or structure of your book. I will "see" how to begin and "see" how to end your book and the steps it will take to get from Point A to Point B.
I have 14 years of ghostwriting experience in the genres of memoir, business memoir, business books, and technical topics, such as aviation, engineering, economics, finance, medicine, and law. In addition, I have been writing professionally for 30 years, including white papers, feature articles, blogs, web content and SEO, and have taught English and writing as well as technical writing at the university/college level for 20 years. 
I write memoir, celebrity memoir, business memoir, technical and scientific books, fiction, and poetry.
I also write short form content as well.

If you are writing a book, how long would you like your book to be?

It is very helpful to think about how long your book will be before you speak with your ghostwriter. For example, will your readers be able to read your book on a cross-country flight, or will your book be a more complex work that will make your readers think and ponder? Consider that the average book length can be anywhere from 35,000 to 70,000 words. The number of pages of your book will vary depending on the font size and page size of your book. Oftentimes, we do not know how long a book will actually be until it's completed; however, it is helpful to have an estimation.

Do you have a deadline?

Do you have a deadline? Even a tentative one? A tentative deadline is flexible and can always be changed. Whether the deadline is firm or flexible, it is important to have a deadline because it helps you commit to your project. A book of 35,000 words, for example, can take several months to complete with the help of a ghostwriter. This is another reason why deadlines are important. Rushing the writing of your book will not be in your best interest. So, page through your calendar and see when you might like to have your manuscript completed, then plan accordingly.

What is your message and your purpose?

Some other questions your ghostwriter may ask you are "Why are you writing a book (your purpose) and what is your message?" AND "Would you like to share a message with others in order to help them in some way?" Many of the authors we work with say that writing their book is worth it if it just helps one person. Those are the types of books that are most attractive to us. Of course, we are also here to help you with publishing and promoting options, too!

How long does ghostwriting take and what is included?

If you are writing a book, an average book-length is approximately 35,000 words. However, books can reach lengths of 70,000 words or more.
By hiring me as your ghostwriter, I can create the framework for your book, write your chapters and create your manuscript, perform one major revision of each chapter, write the introduction (front matter) and appendix (if applicable) and back cover blurb, as well as perform one major revision of the final manuscript. I also do fact checking of details you provide that can be confirmed by external or outside sources.
Also included are telephone interviews as well as publishing and promotional advice.
Research and additional reading can be accomplished upon request.
Estimated time of completion is estimated to be 7 months depending upon length of book and your availability for interviews and to review writing in process. For short form content, the estimated time of completion depends upon the length of your work and the deadline.

How much does ghostwriting cost?

The cost of a ghostwriting project depends upon a few factors: 1) how long your book is, 2) what your deadline is, and 3) if any additional work is required, such as research or citations. 
Monthly payments attached to deliverables as we proceed are accepted and welcomed. 
To begin work, I request a one-month retainer, then month by month until the chapters are written, and the manuscript is completed. Monthly payments are always tied to deliverables.

Let's get started! I offer a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your ghostwriting project to see if we'd be a good fit as a writing team.

If you have questions regarding your book material and content, researching, publishing, or promotions, please schedule a one-hour consultation call*

  *Why is there a charge for the one-hour consultation call? Many times, authors think they need a ghostwriter, but instead they have questions regarding publishing, book promotions, agents, and other book related topics. Other times, authors are not really sure if they have "a story."  Maybe you need an editor or a coach rather than a ghostwriter, or maybe ghostwriting is really what you need. Scheduling a one-hour consultation call ensures that you can get the answers to your very important questions. When you choose to work with me, the cost of your consultation call will be deducted from the cost of your project. Thank you for your understanding.

Have you already written your book and need an editor to make it better?

My editing works includes developmental editing, line editing, and proofreading. 
Developmental Editing: When you hire me as your editor, I will first look at the overall view and appeal your book, searching for gaps that are confusing or areas that can be improved. My main goal as your developmental editor is to turn your book into a page-turner. 
Line editing: I will also look at nuances in your writing, which may be confusing to readers, such as sentence structure and word choice. 
Proofreading: I will also look at your format as well as for typos and misspellings. 
You will also receive an edited version of your story with suggestions on how to improve it, as well as a summary report. If you so desire, I can also revise certain sections of your book, with your approval, of course.
Depending upon the length of your book, my normal turnaround time is 3 to 4 weeks. I will require fifty percent of the editing payment up front, one quarter in the middle of the project, and one quarter upon final completion. You will be updated each week regarding my progress. 


Looking for a Book Coach?

Book Coaching Packages: Three one-hour book coaching sessions via phone or Zoom. Also includes extensive review and discussion of your work in progress for only 497 USD. Must use all three sessions within 90 days!