A ghostwriter can help you achieve your dream of writing a book!

Did you know that many of the books you see on the shelves in bookstores as well as in online bookstores are ghostwritten? Both nonfiction and fiction authors often enlist the help of a ghostwriter. Why? Because they are busy doing the things that they love. And that is okay! In most cases, it takes an experienced writer, who specifically knows how to write a book, to write a book, which is a wonderful undertaking in itself if you wish to do so. But you may be enjoying running a business or household, creating works of art, travelling, or spending time doing the things you feel are most important to you.

What is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a professional writer who will listen to your story, your ideas, your thoughts and then write them onto the page for others to read and enjoy. Ghostwriters often have a great deal of empathy when it comes to writing your story in your voice and your style. Ghostwriters are also good listeners. They will let you do the talking so that they can learn more about you and your story.

Ghostwriters can also see things in your story that are important and interesting that you may not see yourself. Working with a ghostwriter will provide you with an alternative point of view when it comes to writing your book.

Ghostwriters can also help you create the important framework or structure of your book. Most importantly, ghostwriters will do the work so that your book gets written. The result is a completed manuscript that you can proudly put your name on as an author. The ghostwriter helped you write your story, but you will always keep the copyrights to your book and your story and privacy will also be protected.

How long would you like your book to be?

It is very helpful to think about how long your book will be. For example, will your readers be able to read your book on a cross-country flight, or is your book a more complex work that will make your readers think and ponder? Consider that the average book length can be anywhere from 35,000 to 80,000 words (or less or more). The number of pages of your book will vary depending on the font size and page size of your book once your manuscript has been completed. Oftentimes, we do not know how long a book will actually be; however, it is helpful to have an estimation.

Do you have a deadline?

Do you have a deadline? Even a tentative one? A tentative deadline is flexible and can always be changed. Whether the deadline is firm or flexible, it is important to have a deadline because it helps you commit to your book project. A book of 35,000 to 45,000 words takes several months to complete with the help of a ghostwriter. This is another reason why deadlines are important. Rushing to write your book will not be in your best interest. So, page through your calendar and see when you might like to have your manuscript completed, then plan accordingly.

What is the message and purpose of your book?

Why are you writing a book (your purpose) and what is your message? Would you like to share a message with others in order to help them in some way? Many of the authors we work with say that writing their book is worth it if it just helps one person. Those are the types of books that are most attractive to us.

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