The Author’s Writer is excited to offer a new service, Book Movies!

What is a book movie?

A book movie is a short and sweet preview of your book in video format. Nothing speaks more directly about a book than a well-made book movie or book trailer! 

A good book movie or book trailer combines enough suspense using video, music, or voiceovers to intrigue the reader (regardless of the type of book) to buy your book without giving the story away. Book movies or book trailers also condense your story to its finest points just like your back cover or dust jacket description.

How long should a book movie or a book trailer be? Our suggestion is shorter than one minute for social media ads and 90 seconds for short attention spans.

Current baseline pricing:

90-second book movie   $125.00

One minute book movie $100.00

Both for $150.00

Here are some links to book trailers I have done. Please check back for more.

The Christmas Surprise by Gwendolyn (0.58)

Amaya’s Legacy (An Alien Affair) by Author Fiona Forbes  (1:45)

The Christmas Surprise, Part II by Gwendolyn (0.59)