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Do You Need Help Writing Your Book?

Working with The Author's Writer makes writing your book easy!

You may want to write a book but may have no idea how to get started. You may have started writing but have hit some roadblocks. You may not know how to effectively organize your book. You may not know how to write a chapter. You may be wondering if you even have a story. You may have run out of patience or time. Or all of the above! 

The Author's Writer can help. We offer ghostwriting, editing, and mentoring services!

The Author's Writer specializes in ghostwriting, writing, and editing books.

I write both nonfiction and fiction. Nonfiction includes personal story or memoir, business books and business memoir, analytical books on scientific or technical topics. I also write fiction works, such as novels, short stories, and poetry. 

I work with authors from all walks of life who have a message to share that is greater than themselves. I write books with themes that educate, elucidate, and resonate with modern-day readers.


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The Author’s Writer has been writing books for more than a decade.

Hi. I'm The Author's Writer! I started ghostwriting books in 2012 and have been professionally writing for more than 30 years. Over the years, I have created a proprietary 3-step ghostwriting process that makes the writing of your book easy and efficient and enjoyable. Depending upon the length of your book or how involved it is, as well as your availability, my ghostwriting process generally takes six to eight months.

If you are an author with a completed manuscript, I can do both a developmental and line edit and proofread your work. 



Do You Want to Write Your Own Book? The Author's Writer Can Help!

Want to write your own book? The Author's Writer has decades of book coaching experience.

write a book in 21 days: by discovering the story within

In just 21 days, you can learn how to achieve focus and clarity, how to combat writer's block, how to tap into your creativity, and how to create exponential amounts of writing! This unique program is based upon my 50 years of writing experience all condensed into a powerful book and workbook that will shorten your learning curve. The program includes a textbook, a workbook, membership to a lifelong, supportive author community, and weekly group coaching calls, including Q&A's and brainstorming sessions. You won't want to pass on this amazing program. There's nothing out there like it for the cost.

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If you're already published or are going to be published, of course you're concerned about book sales!

After working with many authors over the years, I learned that the idea of promoting their book while it's still being written never crossed their mind! Even if a book is already published, and you're not happy with your sales, 40-Day Countdown to Launch is the go-to resource. Improve your promotional techniques and increase your sales.

Check out The Author's Writer's new release 40-Day Countdown to Launch: Promote Your Book Organically.